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how sugar and salt consumption affect foot health

How Sugar and Salt Consumption Affect Foot Health

Sweet & Salty. It’s a popular flavour combination. Salt enhances other flavours like sweetness, and sugar is just, well… sweet! Unfortunately, for our health, excess consumption of the white stuff is the wrong stuff. And sugar and salt can wreak particular havoc on our legs and feet. I know, we can be a buzzkill sometimes. But awareness of how these great-tasting little grains can affect your foot health can help you avoid pain, decreased function, and bigger problems down the road. So, here’s how sugar and salt consumption affect foot health: Sugar Consumption and Inflammation Consumption of excess sugar –...

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Smelly Feet Causes and Treatments stinky socks fungal infection athlete's foot pedorthics foot clinic

Foot Odour Causes and Treatments

Foot odour, formally referred to as “bromodosis”, is a common (albeit extremely unpleasant) condition suffered by not just the owners of smelly feet, but by those around them as well. Like virtually all other types of body odour, the cause of stinky feet is generally excess bacteria growth. Athlete’s Foot and other fungal infections can also lead to foul-smelling feet. Because our feet contain more sweat glands per square inch than any other part of our bodies (yes, even our armpits!), those glands can collectively produce a lot of sweat. And let’s face it, we often have our feet wrapped...

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calluses and corns Definitions, Differences, and Treatment Options

Calluses and Corns

Definitions, Differences, and Treatment Options Most people have a general idea of what calluses and corns are when talking foot health. But the line between the two is often blurry in people’s minds. In this post, we’ll cover not just what corns and calluses are and how they differ from one another but, more importantly, how to treat them. Corns and calluses can be generalized as a thickening of the skin in specific areas due to excess pressure and friction in that area. This is the body’s natural response, adding a protective layer where external pressures exceed the rest of...

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custom-made orthotics vs. store-bought insoles

Custom-Made Orthotics vs. Store-Bought Insoles

The Differences between Custom-Made Orthotics vs. Store-Bought Insoles It is true that not everyone needs custom-made orthotics. Sometimes a set of over-the-counter (OTC) orthotics will provide an acceptable level of relief from a mild condition. However, the ability to differentiate needs is imperative when deciding whether or not custom-made orthotics or generic over-the counter insoles are necessary. Generic orthotics can also be an inexpensive solution for slipping into occasional footwear in lieu of the shoes’ default insoles. Some of our patients keep a pair of OTC orthotics on hand for just this purpose. They serve as a decent alternate option to their custom...

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Choosing the right winter boots for you activity snow boot footwear

Selecting the Best Winter Boots for Your Needs

With the winter weather finally setting in, it’s a great time to examine winter footwear and how to choose the right boots for your needs. More often than not, footwear style and/or brand name are major factors that influence a person’s purchase. However, you want to be sure that being trendy doesn’t compromise your ability to be comfortable. The comfort of winter boots comes down to three main things – warmth, dryness, and suitability for intended activities. Durability should also be a consideration when shopping for winter footwear. A boot’s longevity is typically a question of the quality of both...

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foot care clinic health pedorthist kids adults healthy feet

Happy Feet: Tips for Foot Care at Every Age

A healthy foot is a happy foot! So, this month we're discussing the benefits of foot care at every age. While each person's feet are unique, there are some simple, universally beneficial foot care strategies for all ages and stages that will keep feet in their supporting role, long-term. The importance of foot care from day one Even babies and toddlers can benefit from basic foot care. This doesn’t necessarily mean frequent trips to a pedicurist or a pedorthist. New parents simply want to keep an eye out for delayed development, missing/skipping stages like crawling, or or physical anomalies that...

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Foot stability exercise to improve balance and posture

Optimizing Balance & Posture with a Foot Stability Exercise

In this post, we’re providing a step-by-step tutorial for one of the best foot exercises for enhancing foot stability, optimizing both balance and posture.  These are essential to proper muscle function, so this exercise is foundational for a range of other movements that we will cover in future posts. If you're a visual learner click here to watch the video for this exercise. This exercise can be done standing or seated. FROM A STANDING POSITION Assume a comfortable, relaxed stance with your feet shoulder-width apart and try to move your big toes independently, away from your other toes. This means...

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Intoeing or “Pigeon Toed” Children

Is intoeing or being pigeon toed impacting your child's activity? Or as a parent or caregiver, is the intoeing of your child a cause for concern? Consider a Gait Plate. Recently I had two appointments in one day which involved intoeing children (commonly referred to as Pigeon Toed). This type of referral is quite normal, and is common for us to assess and treat. What brought these parents to us? One had a child that tripped often and was experiencing knee pain (which for a 3-year-old to describe is odd). The other was congenital in nature, involving a physiological and...

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post ankle injury

Weak Ankles Got You Down?

Do you have “weak” ankles? Suffered multiple ankle sprains in your life? Even the ones you ignored? Chronic ankle instability is a common condition that can develop after suffering multiple ankle injuries and are often a result of “minor sprains” left untreated or not properly rehabilitated. Many of us “walk off” one or two of these while playing sports in our youth. No big deal, we thought. Unfortunately, these minor tweaks can sneak back up on us years later.  The ankle is a complex joint with a very unique structure. When standing and walking the ankle assists the leg with...

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The Dos and Don’ts for Sandal Season

Over one quarter of the bones of your entire skeleton are in your feet. Deciding what to wear on them should be a top priority. Between your two feet there are 52 bones, 66 joints and over 200 muscles and tendons. When treated poorly, your risk of injury increases exponentially. Do - Ditch the plastic, single board “flip flop”. (the ones you get at a grocery store, clothing outlet and retail stores) Don’t - Leave home without taking care of your feet. Think about it this way, would you opt to purchase poor quality tires for your brand new vehicle?...

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