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The Differences Between Foot Care Specialists

One of the most common questions we receive from new patients is “What is a Pedorthist?” This question is usually followed by another – “Would that not be the same thing as a Podiatrist or a Chiropodist?”

While there is some overlap in the services these various foot care specialists offer, Pedorthists, Podiatrists and Chiropodists are quite distinct.

Podiatry & Chiropody

  • Podiatrist is qualified to perform foot assessment, as well as skin and nail care procedures on the subcutaneous tissues of the foot. They are also able to perform surgical procedures involving bone.
  • Chiropody is a branch of Podiatry. A Chiropodist is qualified to perform foot assessment, as well as skin and nail care procedures on the subcutaneous tissues of the foot, but cannot perform surgical procedures involving bone.


As Certified Pedorthists, our expertise is as follows:

  • Assessing the biomechanics of your feet and lower limbs
  • Creating a treatment plan based on that biomechanical assessment
  • Altering existing orthotics made in-house to extend their usability
  • Designing custom foot orthotics in-house for those who require them
  • Modifying new and/or current footwear to better support a patient’s feet and biomechanical needs
  • Recommending specific footwear and additional products that are most appropriate for a patient’s condition
  • Recommending specific support products such as therapeutics, knee and ankle braces, splints, compression socks and exercise accessories for the promotion of health and lower limb health

Here is a simplified chart and description created by Sole Science ( to outline the differences:

Difference between a pedorthist podiatrist chiropodist foot care specialists sole science

When to See a Pedorthist

If you’re looking for a professional foot care specialist who can provide you with custom foot orthotics or any device to alleviate, treat or heal discomforts, ailments or injuries, a Pedorthist is your best bet.

With specific training and knowledge of applying biomechanical findings to the design, manufacture, and fit of custom foot orthotic therapy, Pedorthic treatment is a highly valued, non-invasive approach to health, wellness, and comfort.