Foot care specialist

The Differences Between Foot Care Specialists

One of the most common questions we receive from new patients is “What is a Pedorthist?” This question is usually followed by another – “Would that not be the same thing as a Podiatrist or a Chiropodist?”

The answer is no. Pedorthists, Podiatrists and Chiropodists are very different. Although we do have some common elements to our practices, one being all professions are foot care specialists; the defining differences are as follows:

  • A Chiropodist is qualified to perform foot assessment, skin and nail care procedures on the subcutaneous tissues of the foot.
  • A Podiatrists is qualified to perform all similar treatments as a Chiropodist and are able to perform surgical procedures involving bone.
  • A Pedorthist focuses on the biomechanics of the lower limbs and feet, while providing a comprehensive foot assessment in order to develop a treatment plan which may include custom foot orthotics, modifications or recommendations for footwear and foot rehabilitation recommendations.

Here is a simplified chart  and description created by Sole Science ( to outline the differences:

Sole Science

When it comes to choosing which foot care professional will be providing you with custom foot orthotics or any device to alleviate, treat or heal discomforts, ailments or injuries, a Pedorthist is the leading health care professional.

With the specific training and knowledge of applying the biomechanical findings to the design, manufacture and fit of custom foot orthotic therapy; Pedorthic treatment is a highly valued non-invasive approach to health, wellness and comfort.