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Welcome! Active Alignment has merged with Ortho-Kinetics to expand our service area. While Brad Gibbs remains on as a Pedorthic Consultant, Jen Gulas C. Ped (C) and Patrick Purves C. Ped (C) will be providing pedorthic care in the Cambridge and Oakville locations in addition to the existing Active Alignment locations in Waterloo, New Hamburg, and Stratford. Ortho-Kinetics patients, please click here to learn more.


Characteristics of Corns:

Corns can be soft or hard. A hard corn is thick, hardened skin that develops generally below the surface of the skin. A soft corn is similar to a hard corn, but is generally found between the toes, and softens due to moisture and shoe fitting issues.

A corn is conical in shape and burrows in the subcutaneous tissue. They have a hard center and are surrounded by inflamed skin. They are painful when pressed. Generally corns develop as a protective mechanism against friction and pressure due to poor biomechanics and ill fitting footwear. 

Characteristics of Calluses:

Calluses usually develop on the soles or sides of your feet. Most commonly the outside corner of your heels; the balls of your feet; sides of the big and baby toes. 

Calluses are rarely painful and vary in size, shape and are often larger than corns. Calluses develop as a protective mechanism against friction and pressure due to poor biomechanics, ill fitting footwear, and changes in skin moisture.

Active Alignment Treatment Options for Corns and Calluses:

  • Custom Foot Orthotics
  • Toe Separators
  • Therapeutic Footwear
  • Foot Care Nurse to manage and treat calluses, corns and thickened nails due to fixed/osseous positions