Active Alignment Orthotics, Bracing & Foot Care


Characteristics of Sever’s Disease:

Sever’s Disease is characterized by inflammation of the growth plate in the heel of growing children. 

It isrevalent in children who participate in sports or activities that involve a lot of running or jumping, especially on hard surfaces (such as basketball, gym floors, gymnastics, soccer and track).

This condition is common in the developmental years (9–14 years old), male and female. It can also occur in obese or inactive populations, and coincides with anatomical predispositions and mal-alignments.

Active Alignment Treatment Options for Plantar Fasciitis:

– Custom Foot Orthotics
– Over-the-Counter Orthotics
– FS6 Compression Sleeve
– Night Splint
– Therapeutic Footwear
– Therapeutic Massage Ball
– Resistance Bands
– Stretching with targeted exercises for intrinsic arch strength including videos